About Duncan J MacLean

Many London houses are maintained under the Duncan MacLean/Sikkens 25 year maintenance scheme. This unique paint system was developed by Sikkens Paints initially in the Netherlands and subsequently improved and adapted for this country by Sikkens UK and Duncan J MacLean in London during the 1980's.

Burn and scrape off all old and defective paint. Cut away any rotten or deteriorated timber back to sound wood. Using a router we remove all soft or defective wood back to sound timber.Repair all defects, cracks and holes using windowcare repair care resins. Wash down sound paintwork thoroughly with warm water and sugar soap. Rinse off with clean water. Allow to dry completely. Rub down all surfaces with abrasive papers until smooth and dust off. Apply two coats of Sikkens Rubbol primer and two coats of Sikkens Rubbol gloss.