Exterior paintwork

Since 1981 we have painted the outside of many London houses and maintained these under the Duncan MacLean/Sikkens 25 year maintenance scheme. This unique paint system was developed by Sikkens Paints initially in the Netherlands and subsequently improved and adapted for this country by Sikkens UK and Duncan J MacLean in London during the 1980's.

This system has three key points which together will extend the life of your paintwork.

First of all we burn off all old paint back to sound timber. Any sound paint for example on soffits and fascias, porches etc we wash down thoroughly with warm water and sugar soap. Rinsed off with clean water and allowed to dry completely.

Second using a special router we cut away all soft or defective timber and repair this using the Repair Care system. This includes a two pack primer applied to the timber surfaces to be repaired. Then the resin components are mixed together and applied to form the repair. This material can be moulded to any shape and left with a smooth surface to match the existing timber. Rub down all surfaces with abrasive papers until smooth and dust off.

Third we apply four coats of Sikkens paint, two Rubbol primer and two coats of Rubbol Gloss. This paint system will last 6-8 years depending on location, design and exposure to direct sunlight. We can extend this by washing down and touching up any areas which show signs of deterioration before the whole house requires another full coat of Sikkens Rubbol Gloss.

Repainting every 5 or 6 years can be repeated up to 5 times before it would be necessary to burn off all the paint and start again. Thus a 25 year maintenance system is achieved.

Burning off
Repair Care
Rubbol Gloss 1st coat
Rubbol Gloss finish