About Duncan J MacLean

Good old fashioned decorating means doing the job the way it used to be done. Properly and thoroughly. Remove all defective, failed, cracked and peeling paint back to a sound substrate. Repair surfaces with the correct materials. Rub down smooth and dust off. Using the correct primers for each different surface. Not over thinning the paint. We use paint conditioners rather than white spirit to improve the flow and obtain a smooth even coverage with each coat of paint. Apply sufficient paint to provide a good and durable finish. We apply a minimum of four coats on bare wood externally.

Use good quality paints. We only use Sikkens Paints for external painted woodwork. Sikkens Paints come from Holland. Correctly applied Sikkens paints will last many years. We have developed coating systems using Sikkens Paints which will last up to 15 years on shaded elevations and 8 years on more exposed elevations.