Fit for a Hampstead mansion

This mansion in Hampstead had some lovely architectural features, and all of them essentially original features. The property had not wanted for care over the years, but the creeping effects of weather, rain and the difficulty of reaching some areas meant it was due for some thorough treatment.

Extensive woodwork repairs were done with the windowcare repair system, including two coats of Sikkens Rubbol Primer and finished with two coats of Sikkens Rubbol SB white gloss. A small self propelled access platform was needed to reach roof lights and the steep gables without covering the building with scaffolding.


This kind of damage and rotten wood can lurk under the surface. Like any rot, once it has a hold there is no alternative to cutting out all affected areas.

Roof light

This large roof light was one of the striking features of the building, but access was not easy and so decay was able to get a foothold. The full Repaircare system not only made this look beautiful again, but made the structure properly safe.


Proper workmanship adds the extra touch of quality that even non-experts can see. We don't know any paint that comes close to the Sikkens system for protection and quality finish.

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