Window repairs in Lancaster Gate

We've tried other window repair and paint systems in the past, but we've never found anything that compares to the Repaircare system, Sikkens Rubbol Primer, and Sikkens Rubbol gloss (2 coats of each, rubbed down between coats). This large multi-storey property in Lancaster Gate had more windows than we cared to count, and all of them were well in need of proper care. We were able to save all of them, and give them the kind of protection that will last for many years.


Paint from the cills on top floor windows had completely gone, and rot was steadily advancing into the frames


Hardwood inserts were installed after all rotten wood was fully removed


Repaircare resin-based filler is fully waterproof and seals the saved areas, and rubs down to create an ideal surface for primers and topcoats.

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