Frames and Soffits saved in Marylebone

This job in Park Road, Marylebone, urgently needed extensive repairs to woodwork, as you can see from the photos. All were repaired using the windowcare repair system and new hardwood cills etc then painted with two coats of Sikkens Rubbol Primer and finished with two coats of Sikkens Rubbol SB white gloss.

Removing rot

After removing all traces of rot, we replaced sections of the frame with new hardwood inserts


The inserts strengthen the original frame. The Repaircare system makes it even stronger than the original. The original quality of workmanship and materials in these old London houses was high, so they can be properly repaired


Soffits in the property were also badly rotten in areas where the tiles and flashing had failed over the years. But once done, the repairs will last for many years

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